While an asynchronous motor (commonly known as induction motor) is the predominantly used motor, there are situations where a synchronous motor makes more sense. Depending on your needs, using a synchronous motor over an induction motor can offer several benefits. For one, a synchronous motor will maintain a constant speed, regardless of the load placed on it, and operate with high efficiency. They also provide more control over power factors and can be operated both leading and lagging. Need to run a motor at an ultra-low speed? A synchronous motor was practically designed for that.

A major draw-back to using synchronous motor is that it requires additional, external components to operate. A synchronous motor works by having both the stator and the rotor rotate at the same speed. For this to happen, the North and South magnets of both the stator and rotor must be properly aligned. If the timing is off, the magnetic fields will push against each other, keeping them from rotating at a synchronous speed. As a result, it is not inherently a self-starting motor.

One Motion powered devices offer all the benefits of a synchronous motor, without all the headache. This is because the One Motion powered devices eliminate the need for a motor completely! Instead, the coils of the stator generate electromagnetic force to push an outer magnet ring. Our direct drive devices apply force to the final mover (the actual conveyor belt roller) by pushing magnets around. While that may sound similar to a synchronous motor, the difference is that no alignment between magnetic poles is needed, thus also allowing the One Motion devices to be self-starting.

By using a high pole count, One Motion products can provide ample power and torque for practically any situation. The speed can easily be adjusted if needed and no special electronics are required to operate it. Most all industrial frequency/vector drive manufacturers (including Allen-Bradley, Yaskawa, Lenze, and Emerson, just to name a few) offer a Permanent Magnet or Synchronous Motor Mode.

For high precision applications where a constant speed is required, One Motion powered products have been proven to be more efficient and cost effective than conventional synchronous motors. They require less floor space and as a result of using fewer rotating components, are very reliable.

While our standard Powered Pulleys and Hubs are adequate for most situations, we can also custom design our powered products to meet your needs. Give us a call today to learn more!