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Please note: a new form is needed for EACH unique requested mag-drive

  • Please select between powered pulley, powered hub, multi-drive, or custom product.
  • If multi-drive configuration, please provide number of belts needed
  • Is it a straight conveyor or are there multiple turns?
  • Please see "IP ratings defined" for more info
  • One motion products are custom made and can accommodate most belt manufacturers and models.
  • Manufacturer's model number and any additional details.
  • Width of belt needed for application
  • Typical speed for application, If belt will be multiple speeds, please provide on max. and min. speeds.
  • Please provide conveyor length
  • This can be your estimate or advise on product type and weight.
  • This can be your estimate or advise on product type and weight
  • Junction box, flying lead(need length of cable for application), straight or right angle connector.
  • If yes, please explain
  • Additional details about your application(constant speed conveyor, smart belt application, custom application by embedding One Motion products in a device etc.)
  • Please provide any relevant drawings or other attachments.