How To Change Out The Belt:

  1. Stop the machine.
  2. Push the emergency stop to prevent any accidental startup.

The tools that you’re going to need

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • 17 millimeter ratchet and socket with a short extension (it doesn’t necessarily need to be a six inch extension).
  • 12 inch extension with a 6 millimeter Allen key to be able to reach the back belts.

Getting Started

Remove the front cover by undoing the three latches.

Next, remove the leg to be able to actually remove the belt. Take the 17 millimeter socket and undo the bolt for the tensioner.

It’s much easier to go ahead and remove the bolt first, in order to be able to remove the tensioner. This prevents you from fighting it when trying to take the belt off.

The tensioner should slide straight out. Once the tensioner is off, pull the belt and work it off of the top plate.

You will follow the same procedure for the back belts. The only difference is you need to use a very long extension with the 6mm Allen bit to reach the bolt for the tensioner to put the belt back on.

First you slide it over the top plate and then over the nose rollers. You will need to go around the motor and behind this tracking roller.

From here, simply slide it on, get everything centered up, and then we’ll reinstall our tensioner. It will slide back on just as it came off.

Rotate the lever to put tension back on the belt and pre-install the screw while tightening it down to hold the tensioner in place.

After the belts tightened we reinstall the front cover here and you are finished!