Smart Belt Conveying is expensive. The application of very precise servo motors, servo controllers, and precision gear heads ruin the margin and or payback of most smart belt projects.

We break the price point with our direct drive Powered Hubs and Powered Pulleys. How? One Motion Direct Drive Powered Hubs and Powered Pulleys are designed for belt conveying. We use the word “one” in our name because you only need one powered device. You do not need additional gearing, gearboxes, drive rollers, and such.  The add-on benefit is hygienic design. Today food safety and product safety has to be built into the manufacturing process. Eliminating the extras (gearboxes, chains, pulley) really cleans up the machine and process.

We apply our Powered Hub/Pulley drives to the belt directly. No external motors or gear boxes. One Motion products are purpose built and designed to make a conveyor belt move