One Motion vs. Traditional Motors

It’s common practice to use motors to drive conveyor belts, but does that mean it’s the best practice? Here are 3 reasons why using a traditional motor to drive a conveyor belt may NOT be the best option:

1. OIL

When using a motor, there is just simply no way around using oil. It doesn’t matter if the motor is being used in a traditional setup, or being used in a direct-drive format. Oil is still in play. When conveying food, this presents an obvious potential risk.

Aside from the hygienic issues, you also have rotating components that rely on the oil to keep them running smooth. Once that oil has dried up, the motor will overheat.


The One Motion Advantage:

One Motion products are built using a motor-less design. Instead, our devices are powered by pushing magnets around, creating an oil-free, hygienic solution to conveying fresh produce and more.



There are several variables that play into efficiency, but just consider this: to drive a conveyor using a motor, you need a gearbox to help increase torque and control speed. This means that the motor isn’t directly driving the conveyor belt, it’s driving the gearbox! Basic logic lets us know that it would be more efficient if the motor was driving the conveyor belt directly, rather than indirectly. Enter the One Motion advantage:


The One Motion Advantage:

With One Motion products, we apply power to the final mover. In other words, our Powered Hubs and Pulleys are directly moving the conveyor belt! While most direct-drive models present limitations due to using a motor, One Motion’s direct drive line of products offer a wide speed profile and require no special electronics in order to operate.


In addition to the wasted dollars spent on inefficiency, a conventional motor setup requires a gearbox, 10 – 12 bearings, and several rotating components. As you can imagine, the more components used, the higher chance of something failing. That not only leads to buying replacements, but also means downtime on the production floor.


The One Motion Advantage:

Again, because there is no motor, there is no need for a gear box. Only 2 bearings are used. The overall number of rotating components is reduced by over 90%. Simply put, One Motion products are reliable because of their simplicity!


Did you know that One Motion products can be custom designed to fit your needs?

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