While belt conveying helps with operational efficiency, it also comes with a price. From maintenance and repairs all the way to the utility bill that comes in every month, that cost can be quite high.

Here are 5 Proven Methods to help slash those costs and improve the efficiency:


Ignoring or paying little attention to load specification is one of the more commonly made mistakes. Motors and other hardware are often selected on a whim, rather than based on the load being conveyed. Instead, make sure to take full inventory of all product being conveyed. What is the shape or form? What about orientation? You should also consider things like weight and the type of product (does it have straps, nails, etc.)? Knowing those factors should help when deciding how much power is actually needed and the size/type of belt needed.  


This is not always easy to pull off, but the fewer bulky items that factory line workers have to maneuver around, the more efficient the line will be. Look for areas where space can be better optimized.


There are a few concerns you should be aware of. First and foremost is the safety of the workers. Second, the more heat a motor produces, the quicker you can expect parts to wear down and break. Third, and perhaps the one most DON’T consider, is the fact that the heat is generated by power that is being lost and not properly utilized.

In other words, the hotter the motor, the more money being lost.


If you’re running a conventional motor using a standard gearbox, there are a good number of rotating components involved. Why does that matter? Because power is lost through each gear that has to be rotated! This also explains why conventional motors tend to get extremely hot.


If you’ve never heard of using magnets to drive a conveyor belt, then you’re in for a treat. The One Motion line of products have revolutionized the way conveyor belts are powered. Rather than using a conventional motor and gearbox, magnets that are set inside the pulley itself push against each other to create rotation.

This technology is in use at the world’s largest hog producer AND the world’s largest poultry producer among many other factories.

In fact, the poultry producer was able to cut their costs by 43% after switching to One Motion.

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This revolutionary method of belt conveying not only improves efficiency, but is also hygienic (IP65 / IP69k washdown safe), takes up practically no space, offers better performance than a servo, and comes with an industry leading 3 year warranty.


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