Designed For Food Safety

Perhaps the most critical element to food packaging is simply making sure there is never a need to stop production due to oil leaking because of failing seals. This requires changing the motor / gearbox out which creates production downtime and possibly product waste.

In the world of conveying, motorized pulleys are commonly used. In a standard setup, a motorized pulley requires a gearbox, bearings, and oil for the several rotating components. Despite being IP69K washdown safe, this standard setup runs the risk of wear and tear leading to an oil leak and production halts due to possible contamination.

While those concerns may exist with the use of a motorized pulley, the hygienic design of One Motion products use no oil while doing away with many of the hard to clean areas where food debris would likely be found.

One Motion provides one transfer of energy to push magnets around. Simplifying this process has eliminated the need of gears built into the pulley, gear boxes and oil. Creating a new standard in food safety that is quickly being adopted across the industry.


One Motion products use magnets to rotate pulleys directly. This direct-drive methodology means that you can power a conveyor free of any gears or external drive components, creating a lubricant free environment to safely convey any food products.


With food safety being a continuous concern, One Motion products are built using stainless steel and are IP69K wash-down compliant.



With conveyor profiles cut into the face, the design of our One Motion products minimize the harborage areas where bacteria would typically found.