Climate Action Matters

One Motion is committed to protecting our environment and helping our customers do the same. We take our responsibility for safeguarding the environment seriously. The build and design of One Motion products not only reduce the environmental footprint of our customers, but also ensure the high level of performance and reliability our customers expect. 

One Motion products are powered using magnetic direct drive technology which is capable of delivering torque with high efficiency without gearboxes, chains and/or sprockets.

Thanks to this design, no electrical energy is lost through drive train. In fact, there is only one transfer of energy. 

Naturally, this results in field tested improvements in electrical efficiency.   


Helping to Protect Our Environment

By reducing the electrical output needed to power a conveyor, we are also helping to reduce the environmental footprint at each facility running One Motion products. Each hour, approximately .25 lbs of carbon are saved due to the efficiency of our products (90+ % efficient). On average, our customers run a conveyor for two shifts or 16 hours. This equates to 20 lbs of carbon emissions saved in a week, and 1,000 lbs saved in a year on one single pulley.

Currently, One Motion products are responsible for saving approximately 500 tons of carbon each year.

Climate Change Impact

The potential impact of climate change on farming land is a major concern we feel needs addressed. Many of our customers depend on farmers to supply a certain quantity and quality of livestock to continue operating their factories and businesses. More importantly, the end consumer and most everyday people depend on this process to feed their families. Meanwhile, farmers depend on a consistent, predictable climate.

With farmers reporting shifts in rainfall and harvest patterns and many of the world’s leading scientists predicting more change to come, we believe it is our duty to help tackle this crisis.